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Many years ago I went out for dinner with my girlfriend. The meal was really good and it go me thinking; why should we have to go out to be able to eat like this? So I decided to learn to cook. Around the same time I found myself learning about data and in particular how to structure data correctly and make it work for me. Having spent too many Monday evenings compiling shopping lists from recipe books before going to the super market I decided to combine my two hobbies and built an Access Database in which to store my favourite recipes, set meal plans and output shopping lists.

Fast forward fifteen years and I found myself (as did the rest of the world) locked down. I decided to put the time to good use and set about creating my Nutrition Magician website. A user account based platform for enthusiast to add their own recipes, share recipes, create meal plans and produce shopping lists.

Although it is not yet live to the public I have been using my account for some time and find it extremely useful.

  Nutrition Magician

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